YoungAfrikan Mission Statement

Whenever plans for Africa’s future and development get discussed on the traditional main stages, young people are often ‘spoken about’, but never invited to speak. This means their opinions and views are rarely solicited, nor are they consulted on matters that are pertinent to a future which they will inherit. Instead, the only time we get a sense of their needs and wants is when they line the streets of Africa in protest.

Africa’s young population currently stands well over 210million (not taking into account the diaspora), rising to about 600million by 2050. This poses the question; are we taking the youth population seriously, when we talk about the future of Africa? Are we truly attempting to unlock the potential of her youth, or are we merely entertaining the short term and immediate needs of a select geriatric demographic?

Africa’s young people live in a society which does not encourage their imagination, creativity, innovation, ingenuity, dynamism and resilience, and as a result are handicapped when compared with their peers around the world.

YoungAfrikan seeks to change this narrative. We are an online magazine/blog which focuses on Africa’s young people in showcasing their indigenous talent, diverse industry, exuberance, and capability for leadership. At YoungAfrikan, we believe in empowering the youth to take control of and proclaim the vision of their Africa through the platform. We aim to channel their aspirations and ambition, and also to shed light on the unfiltered vision of their future. Whether it be music, art, technology, fashion, diaspora, culture, history – we believe it is time for them to make their numerical superiority count. It is time that the world heard what they had to say. It is time that they contribute their ingenuity to the global stage and break free from old stereotypes. It is time that the YoungAfrikan lets the world know that they are the voice of Afrika’s future.